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The movie «Belfast» is a film set in Ireland in the time period of 1969-1998 during «The times of trouble.» The movie centres around a nine-year-old named billy, his family and the troubles and conflicts that are happening in their family and community because of the civil crisis. The movie uses different props and settings to set…

The reluctant fundamentalist

So far in the book I must say I am not very impressed with it, this is because I find the words he uses and the structure of his story to be flustering. And after putting down the book it was very hard to pick it up again since I never really remembered much from what…

Belarus´s downfall in freedom

Belarus is a republic where the president is head of state, Chief of congress, leader of parlament and the highest ranking in the military. As well the president elects who sits in parlament, the members of the supreme court, the leader of the supreme court and half the members of the court. In Belarus you…

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